URJWAN Choir - كورال ارجوان

Choir Biography:

Urjwan choir was launched in September 2015 in Tartous City - Syria as a choir group for harmonically distributed singing. The choir Includes More Than 60 amateurs, who belong to various social, scientific and cultural groups and segments: school and university students, employees, teachers, engineers, doctors, parents ... and from different religions of Syrian society and Syrian Cities and Governorates, who were brought together, due to war conditions, in the City of Tartous.

The first objective of establishing this Choir was to integrate choral music into our local musical culture as a new type of sung music whereby the Choir presents international choral works to its Syrian audience.

Moreover, the Choir aims to develop and modernize the methods of Arab musical compositions by harmonizing and rearranging it and singing it in a way that uses the best scientific and technical methods to present the best human voice professionally.

The Choir’s repertoire includes various types of music from classical to contemporary, oriental Arab music and international folklore. It can be sung in 17 different languages and continuously strive to improve its presentations.

The Choir currently trained and led by its founder Mr. Bishr Issa the former conductor of The “Chamber Choir of the High Institute of Music”, and the Trumpet Player in the Syrian Symphony Orchestra, and the Aesthetics Teacher in the High Institute of Music – Damascus, and accompanied by the Syrian Pianist Shaza Toumeh.

“Urjwan” means “Purple” in Arabic, the lovely colour which invented by the Phoenicians, our ancestors... so we seek to spread colourful Joy, Love and Peace through our new “Urjwan”.

Conductor: Bishr Issa
Conductor Biography:
  •  Graduate of the High Institute of Music with a major specializing in playing the Trumpet, and a minor specializing in playing the Oud.
  • Student of the Russian expert Professor Viktor Babenko for 13 years (1998 - 2011) in the origins of individual and collective singing, training and leadership of voices and choirs.
  • Tenor singer and director of the professional academic choir: "Chamber Choir of the Higher Institute of Music" between the years 2003 and 2014, he participated in more than 70 concerts and evenings in more than ten Arab and foreign countries. He conducted and led this choir between the years 2013 and 2015.
  • Trumpet player in the National Symphony Orchestra, and a major member since 2003. He has participated in dozens of concerts and festivals in many countries.
  • Teacher of (Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics) and (Philosophy of Music) for the third and fourth years at the Higher Institute of Music from 2009 to 2015.
  • Participated in many specialized training courses in choral and orchestra leadership and musical preparation of children with many international organizations.
  • He has performed in many classical musical evenings as solo player on the trumpet accompanied by piano, and small classical bands.
  • He has many articles about art and music in many magazines and newspapers.
  • In addition to a Bachelor's in Music, he holds a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Geotechnical Engineering - Damascus University.
  • Leader and founder of the Urjwan Choir for Harmonized singing - (Urjwan Choir & Urjwan Children's Choir) Tartous 2015.
  • Founder and President of Music Friends Association - Tartous 2016.
Founding Date: 2015-11-09
Choir Category: Age: Adult (18 and above)
Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: 20-60 voices
Choir category: Level: Audition Choir (singers need to pass an audition to be members)
Contact person: Bishr Issa
Tartous - Rabyeh - Hanna Toumeh Building

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