Nai Children and Youth Choir

Nai choir was established in 2009 by Diana Talhami. the choir started its journey with a group of young children aged between (8-17) and In 2012 developed a new group of adult members , Performed in Italy 2019 and in Jordan numerous concerts in many occasions, such as; Christmas concerts, Spring concerts and Special local occasion concerts. In those concerts, the choir performed a wide variety of music genres including cultural (Arabic) music, classical music, religious .music, contemporary music..... and others Diana Talhami’s lifelong experience in music education and choir conducting made her adopt a scientific approach in training choirs, her ultimate mission is to create and develop passionate and highly educated individuals that are encouraged to use music as a mean of self- expressionism and global communication.Furthermore, Nai choir carries a cultural mission towards its community. It emphasizes on raising decent and respectful citizens that are able to convey cultural values through music and are keen on protecting those values. The choir is also steered towards integrating the musical lifestyle with the Arabic culture in order to produce a more well rounded, exposed community, and strives to create a sense of discipline and responsibility within students, as it also seeks to enhance their musical and artistic values. In addition, the choir works on improving one’s self- .confidence and organization in all aspects of life Choir Manager: Georgina S. Talhami
Conductor: Diana S. Talhami
Diana was born in Amman-Jordan. Her interest in music began at the age of four when she started playing the piano instinctively. After high school, she had her Bachelors' degree in "Nutrition and Food Technology" from Jordan University, Driven by her talent in music and receiving piano lessons, she had her Bachelor's degree in Music from the National Music Conservatory in Jordan. Since 1989, Diana has trained and accompanied numerous school and church choirs, performed in Jordan, Italy and Germany. Through her experience as a music teacher for secondary and elementary schools, she founded the Rosary Sisters College Choir (Secondary Choir), Ahliyyah School for Girls Elementary Choir (90 members), YWCA Children Choir, National Music Conservatory Children Choir and launched a solid foundation of successful music education and appreciation program for schools, composed many songs, and taught Piano lessons through internet site to spread piano lessons around 10 Jordanian Governorates in partnership with “Madrasati” initiative for education in public schools founded by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and King Abdullah II Fund For Development, and also around the Arabic Countries. Diana is currently the Nai Children's Choir artistic director, teaching in an effective and creative manner, and is continuously developing her methods on the look out for new ideas in music education, choir and piano teaching.
Founding Date: 2009-02-01
Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: Chamber Choir (10-20 voices), 20-60 voices
Choir category: Level: Audition Choir (singers need to pass an audition to be members)
Contact person: Diana S. Talhami
P.O.Box 671 Amman 11118

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