Les Voix du Choeur

“Les Voix du Chœur » (VDC) is a Moroccan choir, gathering nearly 30 choir singers that come from very different backgrounds but that share the passion for choral music. Lying between tradition and modernity, the VDC interprets a rich repertoire that includes Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Pop and revisited Moroccan music. The journey of the VDC has always been driven by the will to continuously research and explore musical styles whilst still appreciating the beauty of singing universal masterpieces. What really makes VDC different is their capacity to soak in and rework the musical heritage of Morocco, revamping it into original polyphonic creations, easily traveling the lands and seas and reaching the hearts of music lovers. VDC efforts are solely dedicated to making every performance an inspirational moment of harmony and sharing that will touch the depths of your soul and lift your spirits! The VDC journey : Most of the members have taken part in previous vocal groups or concerts led by renown directors such as Jalila Bennani (Chœur National, Chœur des Trois Cultures, Polyphonia..), Yves Parmentier et Oleg Reztkine (Chœur National), Michel Piquemal, Didier Lockwood, Nayer Nagui, Jean Claude Casadesus, Laurent Couson (chœur des Trois Cultures) and Louis Perraudin (chorale de Rabat). Likewise, they also count in several contributions to musical projects led by Jean Michel Jarre (Water of Life, 2005), Ennio Morricone (Mawazine, 2008) or Quincy Jones & Red-One (Tomorrow/Bokra ‘ An Anthem for Peace”, 2011). The last VDC international journey dates back to August, when the VDC members partook in the international festival “Choralies 2016”, held in Vaison-la-Romaine (France). The choir made a memorable performance in St Duenin Chapel, singing some of the most known masterpieces of the Moroccan traditional and sacred repertoire.
Conductor: Rabii Merouane
Born in Rabat in 1980, Rabii Merouane is a choir director and a professional piano player and professor. He received his education in the National Conservatory of Music & Dance – CNMD in Rabat, where he was awarded his first piano distinction in 2000. Later on in 2003, he graduated from the Regional Pedagogy Center with a Music Education degree. Since then, he has dedicated his time to teaching piano, promoting vocal groups and choral singing, and conducting choirs, among which “Le Choeur des Trois Cultures”, “le Choeur des Alizées”, “A Choeur joie” and “Les voix du Choeur”. Rabii has an extensive musical background and experience, and participated to international festivals, such as the “Printemps des Alizées” in Essaouira, “Mawazine Rythmes du Monde” in Rabat, or SAWT in Casablanca.
Founding Date: 2009-01-01
Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: 20-60 voices
Choir category: Level: Audition Choir (singers need to pass an audition to be members)
Contact person: Rabii Merouane

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