Harmony of Life (Singing Group)

When musical talent meets inspiration and passion, a beautiful harmony is born. The Harmony of Life band is a group of young, professional singers, originating from Amman, Jordan. The group started out as an all male ensemble, when the original members, Mr Emad Basal, Mr Fadi Shehadeh, Mr Ibrahim Nawas, and Mr Tamer Ayoub decided to unite their mixed musical flavors and experiences to form the Harmony of Life back in the summer of 2014. Since then, the group has performed a number of concerts in front of many audiences on different occasions. Ranging from public open air events to private performances in consulates and embassies. The group has recently benefited from the addition of two new female members, namely Ms Hala Asfour ( Soprano Voice ) and Ms Natalie Sanjian ( Alto Voice ), both of whom joined in winter of 2015, and have since added a lovely bit of flavor to the group's harmony and sound. The Harmony of Life continues to grow in experience and talent, and are constantly expanding their horizons, as well as their musical repertoire, which includes African, Baroque, Hispanic, Arabic and modern Western melodies, infused with the group's own individual and collective styles, bringing a new kind of harmony to the Jordanian musical scene. We did a very big concerts in Jordan and UAE with a very big organizations. The group aims to continue entertaining Jordanian, and hopefully, at some point, different international audiences in its future projects and endeavors.
Conductor: No - we don't need a Conductor for our work
Founding Date: 2014-06-15
Choir Category: Age: Adult (18 and above)
Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: Ensemble (4-12 voices)
Choir category: Level: Other
Contact person: Emad Basal
+962 796768652

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