Fayha Choir

Choir Biography:

The choir is composed of nearly 100 members, from all around Tripoli. The men and women of the choir pertain to different religious, social, political, and financial backgrounds. The choir’s repertoire is composed of Latin, Armenian, French, and English, as well as Arabic music from different heritages which include Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Bedouin, and Andalusian. This diversity reflects the choir’s openness and reverence towards common human heritage.

Almost all Arabic songs are arranged by Edward Torikian.

Fayha Choir is sponsored by Azm Cultural Center-Beit Al Fan which supports the choir financially and morally. This helps the choir to improve and perform at its best locally or internationally. The choir is also supported by Safadi Foundation.

The Choir’s Aims are to Develop and spread Arabic Music, and show its importance and richness as well as showing the world the real civilized image of not only Lebanon, but all Arab countries.

Fayha choir covered concerts all over Lebanon and represented Lebanon in many festival in different countries around the world like Poland Krakow, Lodz and Warsaw, Poland, Abu Dhabi, Armenia, Nagorni Gharapagh, Egypt, Tunisia (2008 & 2009), Jordan, Syria, France (Festival Nancy Voice of the World/Nancy, Institut of Arab World/Paris 2009, Polyfollia Summer Festival/Normandy 2013), Canada, China (Expo Shang Hai 2010), Qatar (2010 & 2011), Cyprus, Bahrain, Kuwait, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Dubai, Greece...

So far, Fayha choir’s best achievement is winning the first two prizes at the “International Warsaw Choir Festival 2007": Best Choir and Best Conductor. The choir had previously won the second prize at that same festival in 2005.

A group of well-trained members of Fayha choir train youth choirs in the north and the south of Lebanon. Conducted by Maestro Barkev Taslakian, these choirs belong to social projects of national and international NGOs that aim to enhance the social, psychological, and educational lives of all the refugees in Lebanon.

In 2015, Fayha Choir won the "International Music Council" (IMC) Music Rights Award after being nominated by the "European Choral Association – Europa Cantat".

Also in 2016, the Choir won the “Choir of the Year” award, from Choir Fest Middle East in Dubai.

Today Fayha Choir is officially a member of the most important choral associations in the world: “International Federation for Choral Music” (IFCM) and "European Choral Associations-Europa Cantat"

Fayha choir is the only choir in the world that prepares and presents a radio talk-show on weekly basis focused on music and choir singing – “With Fayha” Program, Lebanon Station.
Almost all Arabic

Conductor: Barkev Talakian
Conductor Biography:

Born in ‘Anjar (Lebanon) 1964, he was turned to music since his early boyhood, playing on different musical instruments, without any previous musical education.

* Early 1980’s, realizing the urge to be musically educated, and not having the means for it, he tried to be self-educated with notes and different aspects of music.

* 1986 he started conducting the “Ardzivian” choir, and there-on his musical journey began.

* 1992 till 1998 he studied and practiced conducting with conductor Maestro Harutyun Topikyan and composer Professor Yervant Yerkanian. They both taught him at Parsegh Kanatchian musical academy in Beirut.

* Since 1997 he attends yearly courses in Armenia with different musicians and conductors.

* As of now, he conducted:
• The ARDZIVIAN Choir (Anjar)
• The KOMITAS Choir (Anjar)
• The St. PERGITCH Choir (Beirut)
• The KOUSSAN Choir (Beirut)
• The KOMITAS Chamber Choir (Yerevan, Armenia).
• The Canadian Lebanese Marching Band (Rashaya).
• The University of Balamand Choir (Lebanon)
• The American University of Science and Technology Choir (Lebanon)
• The Lebanese Palestinian Chamber Choir (Lebanon)

* Currently he conducts:

• The FAYHA Choir (Tripoli, North Lebanon).
• The FAYHA Choir (Beirut, Capital of Lebanon).
• LeBAM windband Tripoli Branch

* He conducted the above-mentioned groups in: Lebanon, Armenia (2001, 2004 and 2008), Turkey, Syria (1989 and 2010), Jordan (2003 and 2008), Cyprus (2002 and 2003), Nagorny Karabakh (2004 and 2008), Poland (2005 and 2007), Tunisia (2008 and 2009), Emirates (2008 and 2011), Egypt, France, Canada, China (Expo Shang Hai 2010), Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sweden, KSA, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Dubai, Greece...

* He is also the commander of several music groups for children and young people in the north and south of Lebanon, in Bekaa and in Beirut within the socio-cultural projects in cooperation with local and international organizations concerned with social, educational and psychological life of the children , refugees and immigrants...

* He has won many awards of appreciation from:
• His Holiness Catholicos Aram Keshishian .
• His Holiness Patriarch-Catholicos Beatitude Nerses
• Bedros XIX of Kilikia Armenian Catholic.
• The Lebanese Ministry of Culture.
• The Armenian Cause Committee.
• He Armenian Ministry of Culture.
• The Union of Municipalities of Feyha (North Lebanon).
• Safadi Foundation
• Lebanese Ministry of Culture

* With these groups above, he won:
• The "International Warsaw Choir Festival 2007" Best Conductor, Warsaw, Poland.
• The "International Warsaw Choir Festival 2007" First Prize.
• The "International Warsaw Choir Festival 2005" Second Prize (conducting the Fayha Choir) Warsaw, Poland.
• The "Tripoli National Choir Festival 2001" First Prize (conducting the Komitas Choir), Tripoli, Lebanon.
• The "IMC Music Rights 2015" award, nominated by the "European Choral Association–Europa Cantat"
• Also in 2016, the Choir won the “Choir of the Year” award, from Choir Fest Middle East in Dubai.

He assisted in many international musical conferences and workshops and currently member of:
- Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon.
- “International Federation for Choral Music” (IFCM)
- ”European Choral Association–Europa Cantat”

Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: Chamber Choir (10-20 voices)
Choir category: Level: Audition Choir (singers need to pass an audition to be members)
Contact person: Roula Abou Baker
+961 76 330323

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