Anqoud Choir

Choir Biography:

Anqoud was founded in Zahle in July 2017, with the support of Maestro Barkev Taslakian. It encompasses around 50 kids and young adults united by their love for singing together. We believe in youth, choir singing, and beauty. we sang along with Fayha Choir, À Coeur Joie Beyrouth. and participated in the Europa Cantat 2018 that took place in Tallinn as well as the Choral Crossroad at Limassol in 2019. Our repertory varies greatly from religious songs, to profane songs from here and there, but especially, acappella.

Conductor: Rose Ghorra
Conductor Biography:

Lebanese, from Zahle, Rose Ghorra is a musicologist (USEK) working in musical education, and having founded Anqoud along with a group of young adults in 2017.

Founding Date: 2017-07-17
Choir Category: Age: Children (0-18), Youth (15-25)
Choir Category: Voices: Mixed
Choir Category: Size: 20-60 voices
Choir category: Level: Community Choir (all singers welcome)
Contact person: Rose Ghorra
+961 3 470 038

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