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Choral singing is a collaborative activity and the Arab Choral Network is a tool for broadening and connecting our community of singers, conductors, and audiences in the Middle East and North Africa Region. The Arab Choral Network aims to serve three groups: Choirs of the Arab region, choral singers, and audiences.

For Choirs

The Arab Choral Network is a resource for choirs throughout the region, allowing them to connect and cooperate, synchronize concert schedules, share library and other resources, network for collaborative events and tours, promote upcoming events, share news, recruit new singers, and more.

For Choral Singers

The Arab Choral Network provides listings of choirs throughout the region, including: introductions to the groups, contact information, and links to choir websites.

For Audiences

The Arab Choral Network provides local audience with a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of choral events happening in and around their communities

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