Choral Network

We are a portal serving a diverse range of choirs and choral singers from across the Arab region, helping them to connect, network, share, promote and recruit.

Who We Are

Choral singing is a collaborative activity and the Arab Choral Network is a tool for broadening and connecting our community of singers, conductors, and audiences in the Middle East and North Africa regions. The Arab Choral Network aims to serve three groups: Choirs of the Arab region, choral singers, and audiences.


At present the Arab Choral Network is run by a small committee of volunteers. Membership is free, and we are looking to recruit both choirs to join us and volunteers to help with the running of the website, management of members, and driving recruitment. 

Our Mission

The Arab Choral Network is the foremost all-inclusive Pan-Arab network dedicated to education and cultural exchange in the field of collective singing. It connects singers, conductors, composers, arrangers, managers, events and institutions with a common goal of developing and expanding Arab Choral Art.

Our Objective

The objective of the Arab Choral Network is to serve all these functions and more such as Link recourses, act, help, foster, train, educate, support, share, develop, discover and promote for Arabic Choral Art.

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